Tour de Skagway returns, in Canada

U Kon Echelon hosted the Tour de Skagway over the May long weekend, with a time trial and hill climb on May 22 and a road race on May 23.

While the Tour typically features a time trial near Fraser, B.C., a hill climb near Skagway, Alaska, and a road race from Canadian customs to the summit and back, the closure of the border meant this year’s event had some modifications.

The time trial was able to happen as usual, being entirely inside of Canada, so the first major change came with the hill climb.

Rather than one long climb from Skagway, the format was three one-kilometre climbs up towards the summit from the Canadian side. Times were cumulative, forcing cyclists to put in three spirited efforts to be competitive.

In the road race, the turnaround point was shifted slightly away from the border summit at the instruction of Canadian border officials, but the race itself was otherwise typical of other years.

The weather, as seems to be usual for this year, had something for everyone. Cloudy, cool conditions on Saturday were replaced with sunshine and a steady breeze on Sunday.

Next up on the cycling calendar is the Gritty Clash of Generations hosted by Velonorth on May 29, the Kids’ Bike Rodeo hosted by the City of Whitehorse on June 1, and the Yukon Energy Road Cycling Championships hosted by U Kon Echelon beginning on June 10. For information on those events and others, visit the Cycling Association of Yukon website.

Time trial results

U11 boys 10 km1Simon Crowe27:36
U15 boys20 km1Alex LeBarge39:51
U15 boys20 km 2Taiga Buurman41:39
U15 boys20 km 3Johna Irving-Staley44:49
U17 boys20 km 1James McCann37:36
U17 boys20 km 2Doon McDowell37:48
U17 boys20 km 3Mack Jenner41:13
U15 girls20 km 1Juliette Crowe44:09
U19 girls20 km 1Ava Irving-Staley41:20
Sport men20 km 1Tim Hall54:59
Sport women20 km 1Trena Irving45:33
Expert men20 km 1David Jackson29:31
Results from the 2021 Tour de Skagway time trial on May 22, 2021.

Hill climb results

DivisionPlaceNameTotal time
U11 boys 1Simon Crowe23:39
U15 boys1Johna Irving Staley12:29
U15 boys2Alex LeBarge12:59
U15 boys3Taiga Buurman13:17
U17 boys1James McCann11:44
U17 boys2Mack Jenner13:03
U17 boys3Doon McDowell14:40
U15 girls1Juliette Crowe17:11
U19 girls1Ava Irving-Staley12:38
Sport women1Trena Irving14:44
Expert men1David Jackson10:18
Results from the 2021 Tour de Skagway hill climb on May 22, 2021.

Road race results

U15 boys48 km1Alex LeBarge1:33:57
U15 boys48 km 2Taiga Buurman1:42:8.89
U15 boys24 km 3Johna Irving-Staley52:28
U17 boys48 km 1James McCann1:33:40
U17 boys48 km 2Doon McDowell1:41:06
U17 boys48 km 3Mack Jenner1:42:8.38
U19 girls48 km 1Ava Irving-Staley1:39:55
Sport women48 km 1Trena Irving1:51:47
Expert men96 km 1David Jackson3:0:12
Expert men96 km 2Adam Tetzlaff3:0:13
Results from the 2021 Tour de Skagway road race on May 23, 2021.

General classification results

U15 boys1Alex LeBarge2:26:07
U15 boys2Taiga Buurman2:38:8.89
U15 boys3Johna Irving-Staley1:49:46
U17 boys1James McCann2:22:06
U17 boys2Doon McDowell2:34:28
U17 boys3Mack Jenner2:36:24.38
U19 girls1Ava Irving-Staley2:33:13
Sport women1Trena Irving2:52:14
Expert men1David Jackson3:50:01
Results from the 2021 Tour de Skagway held May 22-23, 2021.

Time trial photos

Road Race photos