Cyclocross returns to Whitehorse

Velonorth hosted its annual YXYCross cyclocross race on Sept. 18, 2021, at Mount McIntyre in Whitehorse.

Cyclocross is a form of bicycle racing popular in Belgium that combines mountain, road and gravel biking with running and obstacles to create a unique type of racing.

This year’s race featured two distances – either four or six laps of a 2.96 kilometre course – as well as shorter junior races after the main event.

A total of 18 riders competed in the six-lap race, with Matthias Purdon winning in a time of 49 minutes and 46 seconds. Willie Bell placed second in 50 minutes and 22 seconds, and Ian Parker was third in 51 minutes and nine seconds.

The four-lap race included 24 riders and a photo finish. Alain Masson placed first with a time of 37 minutes flat, with Jonah McConnell finishing second in an identical official time. Third place went to Isidore Champagne with a time of 37 minutes and 34 seconds.

Six-lap (17.76-km) results

1Matthias Purdon49:46
2Willie Bell50:22
3Ian Parker51:09
4Joel Macht52:37
5Peter Sandiford52:52
6Vincent Lapierre53:38
7J.P. Molgat54:30
8Geof Harries55:00
9John Stamp55:24
10Michael Marceau55:26
11Evan Wise55:50
12Daniel Phillips-Freedman56:05
13Jonah Clark56:13
14Kevin MacGillivray56:33
15Ross Phillips57:26
16Brian Horton58:15
17Laura Salmon1:02:00
18Thomas Tetz51:01 (5 laps)
Results from the six-lap YXYCross race in Whitehorse on Sept. 18, 2021.

Four-lap (11.84-km) results

1Alain Masson37:00
2Jonah McConnell37:00
3Isidore Champagne37:34
4Reid Sandiford38:19
5Minty Bradford39:00
6Phil Hoffman40:24
7Finn Gallant40:49
8Maude Molgat40:58
9Alex LeBarge41:18
10Fin Bradford41:48
11Johannes Benkert42:06
12Jan Zumer-Brewis42:30
13Bella Mouchet42:42
14Heron Land-Gillis43:10
15Sylas Sanderson43:49
16Kieran Horton45:04
17Kolya Grottoli46:25
18Sophia Giangrande46:45
19Constance Lapointe46:50
20Finnian Hanley47:15
21Mavik MacKinnon47:16
22Micah McConnell47:40
23Colin McCann48:51
24Sitka Land-Gillis49:16
Results from the four-lap YXYCross race in Whitehorse on Sept. 18, 2021.

Race photos