2021 Yukon Road Cycling Championships in the books

The 2021 Yukon Energy Road Cycling Championships, hosted by U Kon Echelon Bike Club, concluded on June 13 with the final of five races.

Racing began on June 10 with a 5.75-kilometre hill climb prologue in Porter Creek with 11 riders taking part.

Action continued on June 11 with a criterium in Marwell, with riders either racing 45 minutes and five laps or 20 minutes and three laps depending on age and category.

The busiest day of the championships was June 12, as riders completed a 40-minute circuit race in Whistlebend early in the day and then a 20.3-km time trial in Marwell that evening.

The final race of the weekend was a 73-km road race in Marsh Lake. Heading into that race, eight competitors were eligible for the general classification rankings including two riders each in the U15 and U17 boys categories with first place on the line.

David Jackson, racing in the expert men category, was the fastest overall with a combined time of two hours, 52 minutes and 29 seconds. U17 boys rider James McCann was a close second with a time of two hours, 53 minutes and 54 seconds.

Ava Irving-Staley was the fastest woman in the field with a time of three hours, 16 minutes and 59 seconds.

Hill climb prologue results

U15 boys5.75 km 1Alex LeBarge13:02
U15 boys5.75 km 2Johna Irving-Staley13:50
U17 boys5.75 km 1James McCann11:58
U17 boys5.75 km 2Mack Jenner12:44
U17 boys5.75 km 3Doon McDowell12:53
U17 girls 5.75 km1Tori Vollmer 12:14
U19 girls5.75 km1Ava Irving-Staley11:58
Masters women5.75 km 1Trena Irving14:30
Expert men5.75 km 1Adam Tetzlaff11:16
Expert men5.75 km 2David Jackson11:33
Expert men5.75 km3Shea Hoffman11:59
Results from the 2021 Yukon Energy Road Cycling Championships hill climb prologue on June 10, 2021.

Criterium results

U9 boys 20 minutes + 3 laps1Elijah Jenner12
U15 boys45 minutes + 5 laps1Alex LeBarge32
U15 boys45 minutes + 5 laps 2Taiga Buurman29
U15 boys45 minutes + 5 laps 3Johna Irving-Staley29
U17 boys45 minutes + 5 laps 1James McCann32
U17 boys45 minutes + 5 laps 2Doon McDowell31
U17 boys45 minutes + 5 laps 3Mack Jenner29
U17 girls45 minutes + 5 laps 1Tori Vollmer31
U19 girls45 minutes + 5 laps 1Ava Irving-Staley32
Masters women45 minutes + 5 laps 1Trena Irving28
Expert men45 minutes + 5 laps 1Adam Tetzlaff32
Expert men45 minutes + 5 laps 2David Jackson32
Results from the 2021 Yukon Energy Road Cycling Championships criterium on June 11, 2021.

Circuit race results

U15 boys40 minutes1Alex LeBarge33
U15 boys40 minutes 2Johna Irving-Staley33
U15 boys40 minutes 3Taiga Buurman33
U17 boys40 minutes 1James McCann33
U17 boys40 minutes 2Doon McDowell33
U17 girls40 minutes 1Tori Vollmer33
U19 girls40 minutes 1Ava Irving-Staley33
Masters women40 minutes 1Trena Irving31
Expert men40 minutes 1David Jackson33
Results from the 2021 Yukon Energy Road Cycling Championships circuit race on June 12, 2021.

Time trial results

U15 boys20.3 km1Johna Irving-Staley35:34
U15 boys20.3 km 2Alex LeBarge36:36
U15 boys20.3 km 3Taiga Buurman38:33
U17 boys20.3 km 1James McCann32:21
U17 boys20.3 km 2Mack Jenner36:00
U17 boys20.3 km 3Doon McDowell38:00
U17 girls20.3 km 1Tori Vollmer36:50
U19 girls20.3 km 1Ava Irving-Staley34:30
Masters women20.3 km 1Trena Irving36:56
Category 1 men20.3 km 1Alex Amiri29:06
Expert men20.3 km1David Jackson31:25
Expert men20.3 km 2Adam Tetzlaff32:05
Results from the 2021 Yukon Energy Road Cycling Championships time trial on June 12, 2021.

Road race results

U15 boys73 km1Johna Irving-Staley2:25:17.96
U15 boys73 km 2Alex LeBarge 2:25:21.93
U15 boys73 km 3Taiga Buurman2:25:40.22
U17 boys73 km 1James McCann2:09:35.61
U17 boys73 km 2Mack Jenner2:22:51.07
U17 boys73 km 3Doon McDowell2:25:07.1
U17 girls73 km 1Tori Vollmer2:30:31.88
U19 girls73 km 1Ava Irving-Staley2:30:31.61
Masters women73 km 1Trena Irving2:35:00 (estimated)
Expert men73 km 1Adam Tetzlaff2:09:24.46
Expert men73 km 1David Jackson2:09:31.30
Results from the 2021 Yukon Energy Road Cycling Championships road race on June 13, 2021.

General classification results

U15 boys1Johna Irving-Staley3:14:41
U15 boys2Alex LeBarge3:14:59
U17 boys1James McCann2:53:54
U17 boys2Doon McDowell3:16:00
U17 girls1Tori Vollmer3:20:05
U19 girls1Ava Irving-Staley3:16:59
Masters women1Trena Irving3:25:08
Expert men1David Jackson2:52:29
General classification results from the 2021 Yukon Energy Road Cycling Championships held June 10-13, 2021.

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