ShredHERs Enduro returns for second year

The second annual ShredHERs Enduro took place Aug. 14 in Whitehorse on Grey Mountain.

Hosted by the Contagious Mountain Bike Club, the race is open to women and girls of all ages and abilities. The race is focused on “bringing the ladies together to shred on the trails and meet other rad women” according to the race’s website.

This year’s race included 23 riders on a course that included sections of Yellow Brick, Woodcutter’s, Downtown Boogaloo, Boogaloo Heights, Upper Boogaloo, Rip, Upper Riverdale Trail, and Upper Roller Coaster.

Mathilde Roldan was the winner with a time of six minutes and 58 seconds, followed by Aisha Roldan second in a time of seven minutes and two seconds. Third place went to Sierra Va Der meer in a time of seven minutes and 20 seconds.

Race results

1Mathilde Roldan6:58
2Aisha Roldan7:02
3Sierra Van Der meer7:20
4Samantha Salter7:30
5Megan Wilson7:58
6Jenny George8:02
7Kayla Yeulet8:03
8Minty Bradford8:18
9Melanie Edwards8:21
10Jenelle Cousins9:18
11Aven Sutton9:25
12Lindsay Charron9:27
13Mary Holozubiec9:29
14Candice Burnett9:57
15Heather Deuling9:59
16Emily McDougall10:02
17Lorrie Lech10:02
18Heather LeDuc10:47
19Phillipa Dawson11:27
20Dayna Lennie12:41
21Melissa Schenke38:14
22Rylan Morris39:05
23Megan Schenke39:15
Results of the 2021 ShredHERs Enduro on Aug. 14, 2021, in Whitehorse.

Race photos